On the surface

On my walk this morning through Johannesburg’s beautiful northern suburbs I saw:-

White women power walking
White men cycling
Black women pushing white womens’ babies
And carrying them on their backs
Black men running white mens’ dogs
Black men sweeping white peoples’ pavements
Black men selling broomsticks
And potplants
And wirework
And anything to make a bit of money

And a white woman who opened her door in satin pyjamas and said to the gardener:-

“Cedrick, you’re ten minutes late.”

On the surface
in South Africa
Not much has changed.


25 thoughts on “On the surface

      1. But at least you were aware of it. I’m not saying that’s right – it isn’t. It’s very wrong. But noticing there’s a problem – and saying something about it as you have here – is a step in the right direction.

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  1. It’ll take a long time Violet, I know people in the southern states of the USA and it still happens there too. Segregation by two parties that have elements that just can’t forgive, forget or trust and bring a truly new dawn. It’s sad, very sad….

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    1. Does this happen a lot still in the USA? I haven’t been there. Here in little England I only really see your TV shows, but I have to admit it’s rare to see black people well represented in those. There is usually an effort though. Sigh, the world will get there one day!

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      1. Yeah. In some places it’s still pretty prevalent. But it’s not just black people, it seems to be just about any immigrant with a different skin color or religious beliefs.

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  2. Last week in NYC, a black mail carrier, well-liked in his community with no previous arrests and engaged to a police officer, was handcuffed and shoved into an unmarked police car after the officers inside the vehicle overheard him yell that the car should take it easy going down the street after it almost hit him coming around a curve at a high rate of speed. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. It goes on here every day. And people of Latin American descent or Muslim Faith are under attack right now too thanks to the rhetoric being spewed on a daily basis from the Republican candidates in our presidential campaign and the news media who can’t stop covering it. As far as we think we’ve come, something reminds us how far we still have to go 😦

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