Text me. Sext me.

Hey, you look goddam downright gorgeous.

Oh my gosh, you too, where did you get that dress, it’s divine.

It is hey, I feel so good in it, although mostly I just want to slip it off and show you my new panties.

Click Click. I sent a pic.

Also look no bra!

Hah, you are naughty. But you do have perfect breasts, perfect, anyone who gets to touch those, whoa, lucky. And that cleavage, sexy sexy sexy.

He he, thanks. You can touch if you want you know.

No thanks Violet.

Oh yeah, I forgot who I was talking to. Tell me what you think of my lipstick then? Kinda red hey?

Super bright, it’s fabulous, you look a bit like Marilyn Monroe.

Click Click. A selfie came through. Standing in front of the mirror.

What’ya think?

You look fabulous, I replied. I love your confidence.

Yeah, me too. Ive got to that point where it’s okay that I’m a bit round, even my stretch marks are okay, it’s all cool.


This was not me, texting or sexting, with a man.

This was me, friend texting. Texting with girlfriends.

And it is such fun. It’s safe, our pics aren’t gonna pitch up somewhere unexpected, we’re not going to be blackmailed or shamed, we make each other feel fabulous, it’s funny, hilarious, healthy, sexy and hey –

Wanna see my panties?

Frext me.


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