I’m standing in the line in a very trendy burger bar.  It’s taking a long time but I don’t mind.  I am not that hungry, also I’m learning a lot about people just by their lunch orders.

Man oneChicken burger, hold the bun, no fries, extra salad.

Meh! Banting.

Man two:  Give me a traditional prego but add gorgonzola, sprouts and pesto, yip, with chips, thank you.

Yum. Healthy, adventurous and quite polite.  Nice.

Woman three: I’ll have a double burger with cheddar, haloumi, cream cheese, bacon, chilli, pesto, sweet onion, pickles, mushrooms, extra fries.  Thanks, yeah, keep the change.

God yes.  She’s Perfect! Perfect.

Me: I’ll have what she ordered.  With a glass of champagne. Please.

Hah! Decisive. Greedy. Alcoholic. Polite too.

And now very deliciously full.






25 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. I don’t like champagne nor beer. Both taste like someone peed in a bottle. UGH. I think you need to come here so I can show you the good things in life to drink!

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      1. I was thinking the same thing too. We had something perfect going on here and its like finding out you leave the toilet seat up or the top off the tube of the toothpaste. SIGH

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  2. That burger looks veeeery goood. I noticed that they serve food in large size in S.A just like in the US. Here in Dubai, they are less generous with quantities. Truly, you can learn a lot about people from their public mannerisms.

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