Fuck Whites

I just got really mad.

The latest slogans and behaviour at our Universities:-

Fuck whites. Fuck the whites. Kill the whites.

Burn paintings. Burn cars. Force students out of their residences. Petrol bomb the Vice Chancellor’s office. Hate Speech. Bullying behaviour.

None of it is okay. And we need to say loud and clear it is not okay.

Talk, rather than burn. Debate. Teach. Learn. People will listen.

We need to collectively look for solutions. But this – the hatred, the anger, the racism, because this is racism – is not to be ignored. And should never be condoned. And the silence. That especially is not okay. Our voices need to be heard. All voices need to be heard.

What is going on here, Cape Town today, Johannesburg tomorrow, a book burned yesterday, a car today, maybe a person tomorrow. It is not okay. We all have things to learn. Behaviour to change. Amends to make. But it is not going to work through fire.

And if we are silent, it will grow.

And the fires will explode. It feels like we are close.

Our leaders need to come forward.  We need new leaders.  We need to work collectively. We need to work as one.

We need to stop wasting time.  And being scared.

Pics taken at Wits University.

30 thoughts on “Fuck Whites

  1. What we all need to learn, black, white, straight, gay, rich, poor, young and old of all nations, all religions, all communities, is to talk.

    I read about this guy – black guy – in America. He befriends KKK members. He sits down. He listens to what they have to say, all their prejudices, all their misunderstandings. And then he talks to them, and he tells them about himself.

    He doesn’t try to make any of them leave the organisation, but he has a collection of uniforms from those who have.

    Talking solves problems. Violence creates them.

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    1. absofuckingloodly. In SA we have a hard history that we have not dealt with and a huge part of what we have to do is acknowledge that. some do, many do not. but this, this behaviour now, is somehow seen to be okay because of our history. well. it is not.

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      1. I agree. We have not dealt with the past and our current leaders lack the integrity and initiative to move us forward. For those of us born after Apartheid, we did not feel the struggle nor experience the stunting effects of it. Our fight should not be racism but poverty, leadership and education. Sadly, as politicians have set the example, South Africans seem to think the race card is the only one we can play…. As for violence there are no words to describe how disappointing such situations are, especially when the protests originally started as a peaceful demonstration. The essence of protests are lost when it becomes a personal vendetta or agenda.

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  2. I feel like my hands are tied
    Like I’m living in a future that’s died
    I’ve heard calls for war
    “Let’s loot and steal from the store”

    I barely have an education
    But I have more than most in this nation

    I wonder if dealing with national aggression
    Is overcoming a personal depression

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      1. Oh, lol, thank you

        I really hope we can figure out a way to solve South Africa’s issues. Feels like we’re reaching some sort of tipping point


      2. I know. I don’t know you at all but I know this much – lately I am a bit scared. I am scared for our future. I am scared for my own children. I am scared that we will do something from which we cannot come back. we are so severely lacking in any form of leadership. and our voices are silenced. it is time to talk about bloody everything! (says the sex writer trying to be a politician)

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      3. I’m trying to get a discussion going at the public library in the CBD. A creative space where people can engage and share information. I tried talking to govt but I have nothing to offer them

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  3. Would you participate in something like that? I mean. Still in the idea phase and needs approval but I’m hoping to involve writers and anyone who’s willing to share the information that might help diffuse the anger and violence.
    I’m hoping to include organisations and schools too, schools especially. I may not be able to teach but it might be good to allow the coming generation some sort of socratic experience before they leave school


  4. Sad, very sad that their frustration is so misguided. I feel the pain and anxiety for everyone involved there. I was in the 6th grade when the federal courts ordered bussing of students in public schools to force integration in Little Rock, AR. The violence that erupted was epic. Schools were closed on an ongoing basis from the chaos. I distinctly remember thinking “why does everyone hate each other”

    Later in life (in the same city) I worked for a black man, who told me that he thought all white people had wealth. I explained to him my financial situation, and he was shocked to discover I was just like him…struggling to get ahead! Connections evolve from shared experiences. Talk to everyone you can find about what is common in SA…

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  5. Like all of the other social stigma, racial discrimination is ‘handed’ down to us. We embrace it early without really understanding what it means. I understand your thoughts. In some groups, it is ‘cool’ to hate a certain other ‘kind’. I have talked about this all my life – hatred is a much more powerful thing than love – a lot of wise people, philosophers I have met, psychologists I have spoken to, have all told me otherwise. But this is my belief.

    As hatred breeds ignorance and vice versa, it is easy to hate someone and that is what is being exhibited here. I am brown and I know what racial discrimination is (no fun being somewhere in between, hah!), but there are still many wonderful people who do not give a damn what color you are. This is not gonna change in the next few years, will take centuries to get by, if at all it does. Can’t think of a solution except for persistent unrelenting education in the future, that steers clear of all things racial. Gotta start in every home. This is like evolution, takes years to change but if it is persistent and intentional, the thoughts will become a part of the DNA across the world.

    But thanks for writing about this. Springs up a taboo topic, takes a lot of guts to talk about it.

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      1. actually a lot more complicated. it’s all about white privilege and colonialism, wrongs of the past not being addressed, mostly valid, but then race and prejudice and stereotype too, so – complicated!


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