The guy in my neighbourhood who sells brooms is named Journey. He rings my bell at least twice a week, carrying a selection of coloured brooms and dusters over his shoulder.

Sometimes I groan and mutter under my breath when I see him.

Often I think ‘Oh man dammit I am so not in the mood.’

But I always open up for him.

Sometimes I buy a broom even though I have many. Sometimes we trade a feather duster for a sandwich. Sometimes we just chat.

Journey is mostly always sober.
He is always hungry.
And he is also always honest.

Today, he told me, I do not want your sandwich. The last one didn’t have enough butter.  Also, I would like some money. It’s the weekend and I want to buy a few beers.

I think I make fantastic sandwiches and god help anyone, especially Journey, who says otherwise, but I had anyway run out of bread and, he had said he wanted beer.

I kinda know I shouldn’t support his drinking, but – he didn’t lie to me. He’ll most likely buy a six pack, go to the park where I think he sleeps at night, drink, look at the moon, maybe sleep better than he usually does.

There is something about Journey that I am oddly envious of.

It is of course not the homelessness nor the hunger.

I think it is his name. I think it is in the roaming.  The freedom.

Journey would not see it that way.  I know that, of course.

But what is a journey? The definition is when you travel from one place to another, usually taking a long time, often with no planned end in sight.

We are all on a journey. Looking for something.

Sometimes we make our journeys very fucking complicated.

We do not have to.

Journey lives with a simplicity and an honesty that I admire.

I like that he can ask for something, anything, say what he wants as well as what he means.

There is no bullshit.

He is travelling his distance.  I am learning to travel mine.

I’d like to make it as honest as I can.


25 thoughts on “Journey

  1. You have a very generous spirit and your rapport with Journey is touching. And what a wonderful name – we are all on a journey. I admire that Journey can ask for what he wants, doesn’t feel the need to lie, as this is a vitally important quality. Now I am in recovery, 11 years clean last week, I sometimes find it very difficult to articulate my needs and, in particular, to express anger. I often take it out on myself instead which is not a good thing at all. We are often taught in recovery to look at “our part” in things but this can make it difficult to articulate when we are genuinely upset with someone. I need to express my anger more, obviously in a non-aggressive way, to avoid taking it out on myself.

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      1. something in what you said keeps drawing me back. i think i am astonished and amazed at how open people, you for one, have been on this blog. eleven years is pretty amazing, well done. you sound aware and bright and lovely, and thank you for sharing too!


  2. Journey sounds like a nice man, and that was a great way to illustrate the point about being on metaphorical journeys.

    Sometimes, we have to remember to enjoy the journey, not just look forward to the destination.

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      1. Is there such a thing as non-addiction? Why else would anyone keep getting out of bed if they aren’t addicted to something? But that’s just me


  3. Sometimes we need a dose of simplicity to shake us back to the reality of how basic life can be…Journey wastes zero time clouding his existence with complications in an effort to pretend to be someone he’s not?

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