Ode to Stilnox

I’d like to get out

But these little white tablets

Man, they’re hard to quit.


8 thoughts on “Ode to Stilnox

  1. I really relate to this as I have always had problems with insomnia and needed medication to help me sleep. At first when I had a total meltdown when my first boyfriend invaded my flat I asked the doctor to give me something that “would put an elephant to sleep” He gave me Surmontil and Rohypnol which made me feel I was in a coma until midday every day. Of course I drank a lot with the Rohypnol which is justifiably referred to as the date rape drug. Then when I was taking cocaine 22 hours a day I got hooked on lorezepam, Ativan, as it was the only thing that could make me sleep after so much cocaine. It was a nightmare coming of the lorezepam, panic attacks, imaginary insects biting me, much worse than coming off cocaine. Since 2006 I’ve been on an anti-psychotic as I get manic surges at 3am in the morning and start doing crazy shit like ironing the leaves of artificial plants. I’m not addicted to the anti-psychotics and they have helped stop me relapsing as I have had many psychiatric relapses during my 11 year recovery. I’m 11 years clean this week,


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