Modern Love

The other night I was chatting up my barman when a couple approached me.

Violet, can we go somewhere quiet to talk.

I was kinda enjoying the courtyard with the music and the moon but they both looked serious and I thought perhaps something was wrong.

They didn’t waste any time.

We’d like to get to know you, they explained. We’re polyamorous. Basically, we’re looking for someone else to love.

Jesus Christ, readers, apart from the fact that I don’t know the difference between polyamory, polygamy and polyfilla, what is going on at the moment.

I cannot get away from threesomes.

I looked at them. Got up, signalled for another scotch, sat down again.

I’m curious, I asked. Why me? What are you looking for? And yeah, again, why me?

They thought I might be lonely.

There’s just so much love in the world Violet, and we want to share it. Spread it around.

I tried not to roll my eyes or fall asleep while they told me about their lives and what they wanted.

They grow their own veggies, smoke pot,tie dye their clothes, oppose nuclear weapons, stand up for the environment, do yoga, meditate, rescue orphaned animals, and children, play the guitar and sometimes, take a little LSD.

More love would be good.

Oh my god, I thought, I am so not a hippie and also how would they ever even remember to include me in their busy hippie schedule.

I would not fit in.  I don’t recycle, or do drugs,  and I also like to love one person at a time.

I excused myself.

Thanks but no thanks, I said, and suggested they maybe start a communal vegetable garden instead of having a threesome.

It would be a better way to share the love.

I left them under their haze of smoke and hurried off.

The DJ was playing David Bowie’s Modern Love. And I wanted to dance.

On my own.

Happily.  Thanks.


34 thoughts on “Modern Love

  1. Haha! People will rationalize anything and give it a name. My 22-year old daughter who now lives in California, for 3 years only, calls herself polyamorous. I call it confused. Having watched Violet Online at the Sandton Theatre, based on the portrayal of your character, do you even have a tendency to hippie-ness? 😀

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  2. What’s interesting, is I am in one of these polygamy things because knowing me and my sexuality I am always up for a good romp. I have been shared, been three wayed. five wayed, every which wayed, now I am down to a virginal love story again like from “The Notebook” True romance and real love have no labels, just fuck as you are and cum as you go 🙂


      1. LOL, I was always a bit more conservative, then something shifted in my 30s, like a whole nother level of sexual awakening. I have to say 35 rocked my world, who knows what 36 will bring? LOL. As for the wives part, there is only one woman I wanted to explore that with, and she is in a different state currently, so that will have to wait. And it really is a lot more than romping, I’m just teasing. Its free love, unconditional love.

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  3. I like the new word for I want to get laid by you AND you. Sounds so much better than threesome because as we all know someone is always the third wheel in a threesome. Polyamorous….hmmmm…I love it…and you!


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