Could I?

I read your story last night, Violet. You disappoint me.

Excuse me? How dare he. I was shocked.

I don’t think I disappoint anyone.

I pouted a little. Also, what was he talking about. If he doesn’t like my stories he should write his own.

He continued while I sipped my wine, staring at me with his cold (but irresistible) German eyes.

Your title was wrong. Your story was boring. No-one cares about your ex-husband. Also, I was expecting something a lot more exciting about threesomes.

I don’t take criticism well. Apparently.

Fuck you, I replied.

That is what I want to do, Violet. You know that. But you know I want to fuck you with another woman at the same time.

I spat out my cupcake. This conversation was taking a different turn.

I don’t know why, but I started explaining myself.

Threesomes are not my thing. I’ve told you that.  I have, well, I’m kinda conservative and I wouldn’t know what to do and also well again, fuck you, If you want a threesome you should find another woman, or two, to do it with. And don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. And also, if you do it, well, fuck you, and I don’t want to ever see you or your pink couch again.

He smiled.

I hate it when he smiles.

If I wanted another woman, Violet, I would find one.  Easily. In this instance, I want you to find the other woman. One that you are attracted to, one that you want to be with. So that I can be with you. Both. And watch. It’s my fantasy. Indulge me.

I choked on my cupcake.

No, I said. Just no.

But he smiled again.

And as I was licking the sublime nutella fudge frosting off my lips, I realised I was not that convincing.  And maybe licking one thing while licking another could be quite nice.

Maybe, I said. I’ll think about it.  In my own time. 

In. My. Own. Time.

And don’t you dare call me boring.



14 thoughts on “Could I?

  1. Violet, you’re all over the place. Here you bang on about “irresistible German eyes”. But just the other day you were saying that you don’t quite care for Germans, which kinda resonated with me. I know its not fair and rational and progressive, but I found myself thinking that’s a Jewish girl I can relate to.


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