Sex in the supermarket?

I have high sex standards. I would have sex in a cemetery but not in a hospital.

Unless the doctor was irresistible, in which case I could be swayed.

I would not have sex in a public bathroom but I would have sex in the bathroom at a dinner party.

Everybody would. Everybody does.

I love the idea of sex in the dressing room of an upmarket boutique. And in the dressing room of a lingerie shop. Being fucked, pushed back up against the wall, watching in the mirror. Then walking out the store with a bag filled with French underwear.


I would not have sex in the dessert aisle of a supermarket.

But I have had sex in the cheese section of Pick n Pay. I lie. I had a date in the cheese section and the date was a disaster but the cheese was good.

I would not have sex in a synagogue. But I would have sex in a church so I am not sure what that says about me and my double standards and I guess I need to take a good long hard look at myself.

I would have sex in the headmaster’s office of a private boys’ school.

I would have sex at a wedding.

And I love sex in luxury hotels. The idea of the king size bed, bubble baths, champagne on ice and a butler.  Bring it on.

On my hands and knees on the pink leather art deco couch of the man I’m quite fond of?  Yip.

And cyber sex.

Like last night?

Yes. Any time.

Yes. Yes. Yes.


20 thoughts on “Sex in the supermarket?

  1. Well seeing what you look like and what area you live in wold be interesting. I have had sex in a movie theater that was crowded, at a sex club of course, in a park in day light, at a track where people were using it, in a public pool with people in it, getting blown while at a high end restaurant and then her backing it up until I shot all up in her. I have trained in a gym and fucked a chick while spotting her doing squats with me inside of her pussy. I would have to think a bit as I have done more, 3 ways of course.

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      1. Well I see your sex in various places, so I raised you with some of mine and I suggested not even knowing what you look like or where you live. As some women who write erotica are not the look that you would expect. Your areas of where you talk about I just upped the ante:)

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  2. This sounds like a new Dr. Seuss Sex book in the making: I will have Sex, Sam I am. In a box and in a bowl. In the tank and in the pool. I will have sex, yes Sam I am. I will have Sex with your friend Stan. But will you do it against the fridge? upon the ottoman? on the porch? I will have sex against the fridge. Upon the ottoman. On the porch. I will have sex, Sam I am. I will do it in a truck. On a plane and in a sub. I will fuck while flying a kite. I will fuck while riding a bike. Sam I am, yes I can. I will fuck day and night until the dew doth wake me up. I will fuck in a zoo, next to kangaroos, with Shamu. I will, I will, Sam I am. I will have sex with you, if catch me, you can.

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  3. Have had sex on grass, behind a police station once.

    Also done it in the park during the daylight, a dog walker watched up, married that girl.

    What you will or won’t do changes, I like this post, reminded me of all manner of fun times

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