Gone fishing

Tomorrow I’m going to be throwing off my bra, winding down the windows and road tripping through the beautiful Karoo.  And then, a five-day hike.

I’ve packed a few pairs of shorts, a bikini, kikoi, sunhat, mosquito repellant, anti-inflammatories, whisky, wine, chocolate and a pillow.

My boys are coming with me.

They have not packed anything yet because they’re boys.

They will both forget something because that’s what boys do.

And I will forget my flashlight and then say OH GOD I FORGOT MY FLASHLIGHT.

We’ll all use sunblock.

But still get sunburned.

We’ll all wear hiking boots.

But probably get blisters.

Not all of us will swim naked.

And not all of us will drink the whisky.

I’ll insist we do early morning yoga and the boys will ignore me.

They’ll insist I play poker and I’ll happily oblige.

In the day, we’ll dream and drift, exploring the beauty of the sand dunes, forests, ocean, dolphins and maybe whales.

And at night we’ll build fires, roast marshmallows and listen to Tom Waits.

Actually, I’ll listen to Tom Waits. They’ll roll their eyes at my choice of music.

We may not speak very much.

And I am not sure about the boys, but I am leaving my phone behind.

Which means I could be stuck up there in the mountains with venomous snakes and wild boar and cowboys and Indians and I won’t be able to blog out loud for help.

But I will have my boys. And good friends.

And I can’t wait.

Because tomorrow is today!  See you in another week guys.

see ya

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