Snow peas too

I don’t do gratitudes. They drive me nuts, I hate the sentiment, I never get why they need to be public, also why we can’t just be grateful every day but oops goddammit and sorry I just can’t help myself, someone stop me stop me stop me.

I’m grateful:-

I’m grateful for sunbeams

And single malt

I’m grateful for vintage stores and second-hand dresses

I’m grateful for butter

God I love butter

I’m grateful for the car guards who always tell me I look gorgeous

And even for the ones who don’t

I’m grateful for the little girl I saw giving her party pack to someone who’s never had one

And I’m grateful for parties

I am so fucking grateful for chocolate


And croissants

I’m grateful for lip gloss

And moisturiser

Especially the anti-ageing kind

I’m grateful for men

Especially smart men

And good looking men, sexy men, tattooed men

And I’m so so grateful for women

The friendship, love and shopping that comes with them

I’m grateful for artichokes

And asparagus

Snow peas too

I’m really grateful for good television series

Especially The Bridge

And Breaking Bad

I’m a little bit grateful for Captain Chaos

Reminding me about my Dad

And unconditional love

Mostly I’m just grateful

So fucking grateful

For people who can spell

For Love

For family and for Freedom

And for love again

i am

24 thoughts on “Snow peas too

  1. Hmmmm. only a little grateful. And I don’t have any tattoo’s. Oh well, I will soon be able to lift my game up. Soon I will be able to be a BB again


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