Unreliable haiku

I should be writing

But there’s coffee and girlfriends

Sorry blog, I tried.


6 thoughts on “Unreliable haiku

  1. Hmmmm!!!! Very prophetic. The haiku, and then Karen Martin’s story. I like. Three sentences. Only problem is, I very rarely remember my dreams. There is one subject that is imprinted in my memory when I dream, and it’s strange, cause my bad memory was the one single thing that ultimately led to her dumping me. It is what it is. So, today begins my three sentence contribution to your amazing blog
    1. I don’t know if love between two, sexually attracted humans, can exists. I have asked myself this question time and time again. Not in this modern world we live in. I thought I found it, but it is no longer.
    2. My dad. God rest his soul, he gave me the most linear, unwavering, undemanding, striaght forward, no nonsense, love ever.
    3 Because I don’t remember dreams, except about HeR, this sentence will be about my dreams, in the awake world. And that is that she comes to understand that I really did love her, even in my broken, mis-guided understanding of this thing we call love.


  2. Captain, you make me a little weepy.
    I love your three sentences, especially about your Dad and love and HeR (so all your sentences really) and god we all fuck up at different times in different ways. Also how broken and misguided come in the same sentence, with love.


  3. I am sorry that I make you tearful. And I am also sorry that the one sentence became two of three. I think Karen has the most brilliant idea. Save for one difference. I think I will morph her idea into one though a day. Still keep it relatively short. But, as I said before, I like to talk, and one sentence kind of doesn’t cut it f or me.
    But, I do have to say, this very short post was very liberating. And very emotional. Writing about HeR and my dad. I can see why Karen uses f his technique. Very powerful

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