Mired in malaise

Wearing old pajamas

Sipping coffee

Listening to fragments

Of conversation

From next door

Holding my head

And wishing

I hadn’t

Had so much

damn whiskey

last night.

Good morning!


16 thoughts on “Mired in malaise

  1. V, at some stage, we all have to make choices. I was a serious alcoholic. I joined an organisation called round table, which is a drinking organisation with a charity problem. Dear Lord, did we know how to increase the year end value of SAB and Johnny Walkers shares. Then one day, 12 years ago, my drinking mate, Danny, said “that’s it, no more”. We all scoffed, sniggered and said “ja, whatever……”.
    7 years later, when D had not touched a drop, I gained huge respect for him. And so, I decided to stop. That was 5 years ago. and I have to admit, it has been the best five years of my life. For one reason. Every mistake I have made since then, and every good thing that has happened, was all due to me. No more blaming Jack D and Capt Morgan. NO, sir, every thing I have done was only due to capt chaos. And I don’t miss Johnny, Jack or Jim one bit!!!!


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