Monday’s flawed haiku

I woke up at nine

Which felt very fucking good

Sorry about the meeting.

22 thoughts on “Monday’s flawed haiku

  1. By 9am, I have been awake for 4 hours already. To me, that’s half a day wasted. Life is too short to waste it on sleep. And who-ever told you, you need your beauty sleep was bullshitting you . The only reason to stay in bed that long is if you have beautiful company. Otherwise, get your ass out of bed and go and live that amazing life God has planned for you.


  2. Damn on Wednesday I am gonna be up at my normal insomniac no matter what I do or take 4 AM but this time my ass has to be on a train by 444 to work a 13 hour shift. You’re a bit ahead of me in hours 🙂


  3. I beg to differ, V. Just like the beauty sleep thing, that dream telling theory is a misnomer. Telling someone about your dreams, especially if they are in the dreams, is about as intimate as telling someone what your fantasies are. And If you can’t tell someone important to you your dreams and desires, then WTF. Communication, whatever the medium, is just SO important.


    1. Captain oh Captain, I get the feeling that if you were in the one in my bed, on a delicious rainy day like today, where it would be so nice under the covers, naked, exploring, talking – I get the feeling you would talk to much.


  4. Who is “much”. And why would he/she be in the bed with is? I would kick him/her out, and concentrate on you. I don’t talk to people I don’t know. And I do talk too much. That being said, apparently I do talk to people I don’t know. Hopefully that will change. But thereby, the intention is to get to know them better. Once again, communication is the key here.


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