Violet Online, the play, opens in Johannesburg tomorrow night. It’s very bloody exciting but oh my gosh, nerve wracking too!

I’m suddenly thinking that it’s time to get off the couch and have my hair cut, my legs waxed and buy something gorgeous and sexy to wear to the opening.

Except, and I think it’s nerves, I’ve found it really hard to do anything vaguely functional. My day has been filled with friends and phone calls and every time I try do something, I get distracted.

Instead of buying a dress or shoes I have:-

Had three bubble baths.

Bought lipgloss.

And two pairs of earrings.

Eaten a ton of ice cream.

And binged on salted caramel.

Had five cups of coffee.

Played with my dogs.

Napped in a sunbeam.

Planted an entire vegetable garden.

And thought of a new idea for a blog.

The one thing I did manage was a visit to my favorite store – The Bedroom – where I bought a very sexy pair of black silk stockings and suspenders. I know it’s not very smart to have the stockings without the dress.

But there is not much I can do about it now.

Instead, I’m going to go to yoga where I will relax, meditate, breathe slowly and think about tomorrow night.

And know that while I am in the audience, there will be a man there too, sitting separately from me, alone, and very sexy.

And only he and I (and maybe you) will know that I am wearing the stockings!

Violet Online stars the beautiful Lynita Crofford and is directed by talented Megan Furniss. It’s at The Auto and General Theatre on the Square, Sandton, 28 Oct – 07 Nov.  (See here for this morning’s interview)

25 thoughts on “Nervous?

  1. And I hope to be in the audience tomorrow night. If I can get a ticket for tomorrow. Or is there more chance of me falling pregnant?


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