Guess who got laid last night?

The thing about sex:-

It makes you glow

Walk around with a spring in your step

And a secretive smile

Your legs get strong

And your arms and your ass and your abs

Sleep is so good

As are your dreams

You stay skinny

Look young



When you lie back afterwards

A little bit sweaty

And a little bit breathless

And a lot tingly

You feel fantastic

And you know you’re going to keep feeling fantastic

Because it’s time

To do it

All over again.

21 thoughts on “Guess who got laid last night?

  1. One acronym, AOD. But you missed my point about as far a jumbo jet missing a landing strip. Which is a totally different subject all on its own. I was talking about the emotions behind the incident. Cause me, myself, am struggling with just such a scenario. The emotions which drive and define what makes a shag good ( which they should always be) and why a shag becomes a great one.


  2. The “oh yes what” comment was not directed correctly. This blog sometimes puts comments in a random order. And me, not being the tastiest bran muffin in the basket, didn’t notice the comments were out of sequence.


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