Men, goddamit

Yesterday I was at my local cafe, sipping lemonade, reading a book and twirling the daisy I’d placed behind my ear.

A man with a great haircut and wearing a good linen shirt sat nearby. He had a book too.

He kept looking my way, clearly keen to strike up a conversation.

Picking a flower from the vase on his table he walked over and handed it to me.

‘For the other ear,’ he said.

Why thank you.

I indicated for him to sit down.  I liked his looks. I liked that he was a reader.

‘You’re alone,’ he asked. ‘Why?’

Hey, why not.  It’s a beautiful evening and it’s just too hot to be inside.  Besides, I like it here.

He was okay with that. He was on his own too.

‘Divorced?’ he asked.

Yip. For a few years now.

He shook his head.

‘How could a man, any man walk out on you?’

A bit presumptuous, I thought.

He didn’t.

‘Oh. I’m so sorry. What happened. Did he die?’

No. No.  Not that.

‘What then?’

I left him.


Dead, deathly silence. And then:-

He took back his flower. Downed his drink. Downed mine too.  Started sweating.

And spluttered.

‘Oh okay, right, get back to your book, sorry I disturbed you, there’s my friend, I gotta go.’

He tripped over the chair in his haste to get out.

Men, goddamit.

It’s okay for them to leave us. It’s never okay the other way round.

26 thoughts on “Men, goddamit

  1. A flaccid flower? Not acceptable. I left my first husband. I should have left a note … “Oops. Sorry! I didn’t know better! ” There is long list of PS. I could have added. My second husband divorced me. Turns out we both like men. Neither ending was nice. Both hurt….for very different reasons.


  2. It’s an epidemic of sorts in today’s society. As women have risen to their rightful social stature, men have diminished in how they accept that. Instead of embracing and supporting an increased role for women…all too often they show their weakness?


      1. And people say my genius in profanity and insults is wasted. If I can enlighten one more person then my gift is not a waste!


      2. Thundercunt. Beautiful word. It’s like we’re soulmates. Except instead of sappy love and sexual desire we share a love of profanity. We should start a convention….

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