How to survive a heatwave.

Put ice down your cleavage

And wet your t-shirt.

Take a late night skinny dip

And an early morning one.

Listen to Joni Mitchell

Under a Jacaranda tree.

Stop the car

Find a rockpool

And dive in headfirst.

Wear a cool dress

A huge sunhat

And remove your underwear.

Make direct eye contact

With the ice-cream seller

He’ll give you one for free.

Walk straight into a bar

Order pink champagne

Drink it slowly

With extra ice

And remember:

You don’t need any excuses to go naked

This weather has you covered.

10 thoughts on “How to survive a heatwave.

      1. Haha, hope this won’t get me in trouble.

        Well, I am drafting a big blog of it soon, but its not going to be as *ahem* explicit as my sexy dating blogs of old. So here’s an exclusive.

        Me and my girlfriend while traveling SA came upon a guesthouse that had an outdoor shower outside… The backyard was private, so we enjoyed ourselves and dried out in the sun. That’s the only way to suntan and dry off, let me tell you.

        The trip consisted of Joberg and Cape Town. I’m thinkin’ next year a visit to Durban to check out that new nude beach I’ve heard so much about 😉


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