Skype sex

I didn’t mean to have skype sex. I was lazing on my bed, mostly naked, when the call came through.

I answered, a light breeze blowing through the bedroom curtains.

Hey, I said. It’s just too hot to put on clothes. We’re having a heatwave, 35 degrees. It’s impossible to cool down.

I tried to angle the camera so it wasn’t looking straight between my legs.

I’m not very good at camera angles.

And I do have very nice legs.

You look good Violet, he said.

And he smiled. This guy smiles and I lose it completely.

Put your hand between your legs, he said.

That was it. No prelude, no romance, no ‘go and get a drink and let’s talk dirty a little.’ Just an instruction.

Maybe I had heatstroke, maybe I was sunbaked. Maybe I was just really horny.

But I listened.

Start slowly, he told me. And then he guided me, step by step, by very sexy do this, do that, slower, harder, move your legs, lift your legs, get your toy, turn over, this way, that way, show me, open your legs a little, pinch a nipple…

Dear sweet goddesses!

Me, on camera, naked, doing all this stuff.

And I can tell you this.

It was fantastic.

And he didn’t even take off his clothes.

I’m stiff today. Really stiff.  It feels like I’ve done a full on yoga workout. But it was much more pleasurable.

I say let the heatwave continue.  I’m on my bed again.  Trying to cool down.

Waiting to hear that skype ring.

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