Things I do

Every morning for the last few weeks

I have rolled out of bed

Taken a shower

Brushed my teeth

Rinsed with Listerine

Put on sunblock

And lipstick

Zipped up my jeans

Spent ten minutes looking for my keys

Walked to the local deli

Picked up an XL skinny low-foam cappuccino

Sat under a tree


And thought about

Calling the guy

In the yellow t-shirt.

22 thoughts on “Things I do

  1. 🎶 Vio-let and Yellow Shirt sittin’ in a tree, kay-eye-ess-ess-eye-en gee! 🎶 😂
    No immaturity at my end. Nope.


  2. Regret is increased by the opportunity costs of what you didn’t do over what you actually did…meaning, if you don’t call, there will be a stronger dissatisfaction than if you do, and whatever evolves from that. Just call the guy!


      1. Whatever happens…happens? Your input is your attitude and the behavior that results from that. I’ll bet this “fellow in yellow” will identify with the positive aspects you represent, and discount everything you find as anxious!


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