The secret to Friday.

The secret to Friday is:

Get up. Now. Leave your desk.

Take off your clothes.

Lie naked in a sunbeam.

Yip, just like that.

Close your eyes.

Play some music.

A bit of Van Morrison.

Paint your toenails.

Pet your dog.

Kiss a man.

Or a woman.

Peel a mango.

Let the juice drip down your cleavage.

Make a fabulous mess.

Wonder why you waited so long to do all this.


12 thoughts on “The secret to Friday.

  1. “I’m late, I’m late!” There’s not much time,
    To place our actions to rhyme,
    So there’s no “hum-drum”
    To the beat of her drum:

    (I sure hope I’m not double-posting this. I was interrupted mid-verse and lost my window!

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