Lingerie and Lattes.

Every Sunday morning I wander up to my local deli and pick up a coffee. This Sunday I got waylaid.

There’s a magnificent new vintage store that’s opened and it’s impossible to walk past without going inside. Gorgeous clothing, sexy clothing, clothing that calls out your name.

The shop, The Stuff we Love, is small and sensual and the owners are fabulous. They welcome you, and everyone around you, and there’s an amazing camaraderie between women.

And because women are so lovely, we chat, we admire things and we help one another make choices.

Even when we’re not asked to.

‘Oh my, you look fantastic in that, you have to buy it…’

You always walk out feeling like you’ve made new friends. And with a parcel filled with beautiful clothing. And jewels.  And lipstick.

This morning I picked up a pink and black satin negligee. Dolce and Gabbana. Beyond magnificent.

When I tried it on one of the other shoppers told me how she wished she could’ve bought it, she just wasn’t skinny enough.

Wow. She really made me think, because she was not only beautiful but she was thin.  And so what if she wasn’t.

We need to get over these body image issues.

When I’d tried it on my first thought was – ‘Do I look thin in this?’

It’s such bullshit.

We need to stop obsessing over our weight. And what we look like. And what we wear.

The negligee is beautiful. It feels delicious against my skin. I feel really good in it.  It makes me feel sexy.

And I’m very glad I bought it.

I’m wearing it right now.  Pity I still haven’t picked up my latte.

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