Back off from the barbiturates.

I’ve never done hectic drugs. I tried cocaine twice, at no time did LSD or heroin and as much as I wanted to, ecstasy never passed my lips.

But I do have a thing for little white, pink and yellow pills. Tranquilisers. I’m not a junkie and I don’t buy my own, but if something is being passed around, hey, I’ll happily wash it down with my wine.

And it’s not really ‘passed around’ – just friends talking about their new little helper and me getting excited and saying ‘Ooooh, can I try one.’

A bit irresponsible, sure, but mostly harmless.

But there is a new pill on the market and it is making me mad. The Viagra for women that everyone is talking about. The pill to increase our sexual desire. Fibanserin.

No. No way.

If I want my sexual desire increased I want it increased by a man. I want him to talk to me and look at me and touch me in such a way that my body melts and my thighs tingle and my underwear drops to the floor without meaning to. I want my desire increased by a man slipping my dress off my shoulders, unzipping it, running his fingers along my back and down my buttocks. I want my sexual desire increased by a man kissing me gently on the side of my neck, then harder, moving his tongue from my face down my chest, to my nipples, down my belly, down, lower, lower.

There is no pill that I want to use for sexual desire.

There is, however, a medicine cabinet nearby with little pills in it.  That I’ve borrowed, of course.

And I think I need one, after writing that.

The pink one. Or the blue. Or the yellow…


15 thoughts on “Back off from the barbiturates.

      1. It sounds like the “female viagra” should be used the same way male viagra would be, by the people who need it. If you don’t need them, don’t use them. I hope that I’m very very very very old by the time I need a little blue pill, and I hope it’s a very long time from now where a woman needs a pill before she wants to sleep with me

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