The guy in the yellow shirt.

The guy in the yellow t-shirt hasn’t called me. I’m trying not to obssess but it’s been twelve hours, six minutes and twenty-two seconds since we met and I haven’t heard a word.

I could call him but I’m a little shy and my mother taught me to never make the first move.

So why hasn’t he called? I’m going through the following scenarios:-

  • In therapy working on his disorders.
  • In mediation with the soon to be ex-wife.
  • Did his own laundry and washed his phone.
  • Deeply religious and doesn’t use the phone on Shabbat.
  • At the SPCA adopting a puppy to impress me.
  • He’s flaky.
  • Scatterbrained.
  • Got mugged and had his phone stolen.
  • Overdosed.
  • Murdered.

Or he’s out shopping for a new soft, very sexy and irresistible Scotch plaid flannel shirt.

But how long does it take to buy a shirt. Thirteen hours? Fourteen? Maybe he’s with a seamstress right now having one stitched, monogrammed and impeccably tailored.

A man in a perfect hand-made shirt? Sexy. Delicious. Irresistible.

I’m going to call him.

I never listened to my mother anyway.


18 thoughts on “The guy in the yellow shirt.

  1. Not murdered. Far as I know, doesn’t know how to do his own washing. ( he did say he is 60 and Jewish). My guess is that he was picked up shop lifting at Stuttafords.

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