Chance meetings

This morning I bumped into a guy. Okay, I didn’t really bump into him. I was sitting in a coffee shop, he walked in and across the cappuccinos he yelled:-


So much for a pseudonym.

He’s eccentric.  He was wearing a bright yellow t-shirt, weird sunglasses and hadn’t shaved.

We hugged hello even though I had no idea who he was.

I loved the brush of his stubble against my cheek.

Before anything he told me he hates dogs, is clinically depressed, anti-social, twice divorced and has the second lowest libido in town.

It made me curious as to who has the lowest libido in town, but I realise I don’t care. I’ve never been competitive.

I hope this guy ditches the t-shirt.  Gets a new pair of shorts. Maybe brushes his hair.

But I also hope he calls me.

For some odd reason, I am madly wildly attracted to him.


39 thoughts on “Chance meetings

  1. Surprised about the hair. I know the dude brushes his teeth 20 times a day. Not saying he’s neurotic or anything. Just likes the important things in life – like god, carpeting and breadth to die for.

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