Pre and Post Orgasm.

When self-pleasure is part of your work you gotta be prepared.

Before orgasm:

Fill the fridge. And the grocery cupboards. You’re going to get very hungry so make sure you have all your favorite foods. Extra.

Have litres of bottled water. Keep this next to your bed. And in the fridge. And on the dining room table. It’s important to keep hydrated. Use it to drink, to pour over your head, to wipe the sweat off your chest…

Have clean sheets, beautiful candles, sexy underwear, the right lighting, delicious oils, the right toys and the right guy, or girl, watching.

After orgasm:-




Laze back in a bubble bath.

Smile contentedly.

Clean the toys.

Clean the keyboard.

Clean the sheets.

Have a cigarette, even if you don’t smoke.

Recommend that your friends go out and buy a Kissing Swan luxury rechargeable rabbit vibrator immediately.

Start again…

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